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Nutrition Myths #1 – To lose weight you must cut out carbs

Carbs (carbohydrates) are the macronutrient that always cause the most controversy.  Some people swear by them, some people vilify them. They’ve been blamed for a …

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How do I get motivated?

Professional athletes are not more motivated than you are. Olympic athletes don’t just “want it more” than you do. The fittest people in your gym …

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How do I take the guesswork out of this?

You’re probably sick of guessing when it comes to your health and fitness. You probably spend your life making fairly important decisions.  At work and …

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What have you learned from Second City?

We asked a bunch of members about what they’d learned at Second City. We then distilled the answers down to come up with headlines. Here …

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Who are we looking for?

Who you are is important to us.  But maybe not for the reasons you think it might, and maybe not in the way you think …

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How do I maintain healthy habits?

Our habits go a long way in defining who we are because they are intrinsically linked to what we do on a day to day …

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What is the prescriptive model of health and fitness?

The prescriptive model of health and fitness is the one we use to get faster results for people.  It’s one that removes wasted time and …

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How much tax are you paying?

In the UK, we enjoy universal healthcare thanks to the NHS. It’s there when we need it and of course we pay for it. Our …

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How do I lose fat “right here”?

At Second City we’ve got over 30 years in the health and fitness industry and we’ve seen clients point to every single body part and …

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Why do you need to stretch?

Want to live your life pain free and without injuries? What should you focus on?  It’s not the exercises, it’s the stretching! Stretching is one …

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